Camp Carol
Year 2021

All deposits are non-refundable & due w/in 10 days of reservation. --$150.00 per cottage & $25.00
deposit for each RV or tent – per week or less.  We understand plans can go astray.  However, our
business is based primarily on advance reservations and the
cancellation cannot always be filled.  Keep in mind if more than the required deposit is received and
you cancel your reservation,
Camp Carol reserves the right to place that amount towards the balance that would be due from the
(based on the rate of up to 2 ppl).

3-night minimum basis: MAY up to 3rd Saturday in June and month of September  
Weekly basis- Saturday to Saturday:  3rd Saturday in June through August 30th

Cottages equipped with: air conditioning & propane heat; gas range; hot & cold water;
refrigerator/freezer; microwave; toaster; coffee pot; toilet and shower; cooking and eating utensils. 
Trash bags for our trashcans are available.  Personal linens are not provided (beds are full/double
and single sizes). Cabins #6 & #7 have one bedroom each with a queen size bed.

      •Check-in @12:00 noon BUT COTTAGES MAY NOT BE READY UNTIL AFTER 2:00 PM
•Checkout before 10:00 a.m.
•Water supply is chlorinated well water.
•Each cottage has a porch with the exception of cottage #5—open deck.  
•We do not provide BBQ grills.  Bring your own PORTABLE BBQ GRILLS, DEEP FRYERS,
FIRE PITS ETC & bring material   to raise these items up off the grass to prevent damaging
our lawn.
•You are RESPONSIBLE to leave the cottage in the same general condition as it was in when
you arrived, cleaning supplies are in the cottages.
•Registration and payment are due on arrival (including daily visitors, no exceptions!)
•Children are counted at age 1.  There shall be NO exceptions to maximum number of people
allowed in a cottage.  If you mistakenly go over the cottage occupancy limit you will be
charged $25.00 per person/daily.
•YOUR GUESTS: There is a DAILY & OVERNIGHT visitor fee – Daily Visitor is defined as on
the premises during the day up to 11:00 pm.  ALL daily visitors must be gone from the
premises by no later than 11:00 pm; an overnight visitor is defined as 11:00 pm up to 10:00 am
the following morning (see Rate Sheet).  Visitors to cottage must not impede cottage
occupancy limit.  You may want to inform visiting guests of this fee.  You are ultimately
responsible for their fee.  Visitors to our campground are expected to be respectful and
courteous and will abide by our rules. 
•Your Guests are not allowed to bring pets. Ignoring this policy will result in your guests
being asked to leave the premises immediately.


CATS are NOT allowed in our cottages and only ONE dog per cottage (no matter the size of the
•Pets must be controlled to ensure peace and privacy of other guests
•Any pet showing aggressive behavior or bites someone will be immediately banned from the
Camp Carol
•Excessive barking dog will not be tolerated
•Dogs must be leashed and in your attendance at all time
•Pet must hold a valid rabies vaccination certificate
•You must clean up after your pet & if your child(ren) walk the pet waste still must be
cleaned up.
•Camper accepts full and complete responsibility for any injury caused by their pets’ actions


RVs must be completely self-contained including grey water. We have a discharge station with the
following stipulations: 
•2 nights of RV camping or less= no use of dumping station.  For RV camping two nights
or less and would like to have dumping privileges add $25.00 to camping fee.
•Please leave your campsite neat and clean upon your departure.

NOTE: Our electrical system will NOT permit the operation of air conditioners in RVs due to low

•Please be considerate for the sake of others not to mention for health and safety risks please
do not mistreat these areas

•Boat/motor deposits will only be returned to renter at end of your stay upon our inspection of
the boat/motor and it is found to be in clean/undamaged & in satisfactory condition.
•You must be at least 18 years of age to rent &/or operate Camp Carol’s boat motors and have
completed an approved boater education course.  New York State Law: all individuals born on
or after 5/01/96 are required to successfully complete an approved course.
•Maximum of 15hp motors on rental boats.
•Renter has been issued or has with them PFD’s for all persons using Camp Carol’s
boat/motor.  NYS law- children 12 years of age and younger must wear U.S. Coast Guard
personal flotation devices while boating and we require they wear them on our docking
•Boats include one anchor, two oars and a U.S. Coast Guard PFD for each person riding in
•PERSONAL BOATS/JET SKIS, ETC:  bumpers, ropes, etc. are NOT to be secured to
docks when boat is out on the lake. Electrical cords are to be unplugged and rolled up
away from docks and water when not in use; if found not in compliance they will be

There are two fish processing buildings with electric and water.  Do not clean fish in cottages. Do
not place anything other than fish remains in the barrels under the counters in fish cleaning
houses.  Do not place garbage bags in these barrels.


•Speed Limit is 5mph and is enforced.
•No flammable/volatile liquids/toxic chemicals of any type will be stored under, around or in
any of our cottages.  In other words, gasoline cans of any type with any amount of gasoline in
them are prohibited from sitting under/around or in any of Camp Carol cottages (NYS
DEPT of HEALTH Violation)
•Quiet hours observed 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
•No profanity and no loud music are allowed.
•Report any unusual activity or situation immediately.  Please report any maintenance
situation, do not attempt to repair it yourself.
•Discharging of weapons or fireworks is strictly prohibited at Camp Carol.
•There are designated areas for campfires.  Keep in mind that cottages & camper sites (except
for two areas) do not have their own campfire area.   Fires should not be left unattended. 
Campfires only allowed in the designated areas.   DO NOT move the fire rings.
It is your responsibility to clean out your trash/debris in the ring.
•Only general trash will be accepted in our trash bin for all other trash YOU CARRY IT IN
/ YOU CARRY IT OUT. And as always use common sense—no flammable or hazardous
materials are to be disposed of in our trash
(i.e. propane cylinders, gas tanks, cans of pain, etc.)
•Please remove all trash from your cottage or camping site and place in dumpster.
•Do not mix cardboard & newspapers in with regular trash (i.e. pizza boxes, camping
equipment boxes, etc.); let us know you have it and we will pick it up.
•We sell Fishing and Hunting Licenses.

Campfire wood is available, help yourself.

New York State that restricts the transporting of untreated firewood to a 50-mile radius unless its
source is identified as New York
Approved Treated Firewood to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of invasive insects and
diseases of trees.

Camp Carol assumes no responsibility and is released from any and all liability for your loss, damage
or stolen personal property. Renter takes full responsibility for damages to the cottage, property, boat
& motor and for accidents on the water, injury or illness occurring to themselves or to their visitors.  If
you have not already done so Camp Carol recommends that you purchase insurance for your
personal possessions.  The renter will incur all costs for such damages.

Camp Carol reserves the right to make necessary changes in the rules and policies at any time to
protect the safety of all campers and
in the best interest of the campground.  Any one refusing to abide by the rules or creating a
disturbance will be asked to leave without
refund.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone noncompliant with campground rules.

Your deposit is acknowledgement that YOU and your group have read and fully understand the policy
and rates put forth by Camp Carol.

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